Monday, November 24, 2008

signs of cultural implosion V

6-year-olds who carry purses, 185 dollars for a sweater vest at Macy's, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, that a real housewife of Atlanta bought her 11-year-old daughter two $13,000 purses, that purses could possibly sell for $13,000, that an 11 year old would know what the hell Louis Vuitton is, over Parent's Weekend at my school more boyfriends visited than parents, LOST season 5 hasn't started yet, that some people don't know whether Beliz is in South America, Asia, Africa or Europe, that the Onion world atlas is the only one we own, the fact that owning said atlas makes us the cultural elite, Madonna's face, that anyone drinks Mountain Dew for the flavor


Maureen said...

Trick question, Belize is in North America.

Brunhilda said...

Also it's spelled wrong, CUTE ONE. Geeez.

(Maybe Brunhilda is a shitty editor. I still blame the original author.)

Kirsten said...

I originally was going to write about the missing "e", but that looks to be covered.

Instead, related geographic anecdote from today: We were doing daily trivia from the paper & the question was, "What is the 4th largest continent in area?" We decided to list from biggest to smallest to figure it out. My coworker starts with "Antartica", to which I reply, "No, it's not that big, Asia is biggest," to which he replies, "No, look at the map! Antartica is HUGE." We then had to abandon answering the question for a lesson on map projection.