Wednesday, December 17, 2008

things I care about more than what you're saying II

Various methods of braising beef, cufflinks, the water cycle, advances in pet grooming technology, how long it takes you to solve a rubik's cube, styles of leggings, your family tree, Canada, what reality TV stars do when they're not faking stuff for the camera, what you did for Cinco de Mayo last year, which celebrities your boyfriend would go gay for, 6 Degrees of Anyone, how Gawker commenters feel about Jezebel, your cleavage, calf implants, Zwinky, snowman building techniques, what brand of "feminine hygiene products" you use, the exact process of draining surgical wounds, novelty toilet paper holders, commercials Jessica Simpson has deigned to appear in, cabbage, the Potato Famine during any term that doesn't have me enrolled in an Irish history class, the calorie count of anything I eat, the many spellings of your child's name and how it annoys you when people use the wrong one, opinions that disagree with mine, the sex lives of strangers.

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