Saturday, June 20, 2009

cultural commentary

["Mike Albo Calls for End to Hipster-Bashing, Hideous T-Shirts," NYMag, 6/11/09]:

""For nearly 10 years, hipsters have settled in our energetic, vibrant, slightly mean metropolis: young women with Feist haircuts and droll expressions, wearing bunchy blouses and carrying huge tote bags; pale, tiny-waisted boys wearing skinny-leg jeans, lopsided hair, droopy cardigans and fedoras, also carrying huge tote bags. Hipsters have been accused of decimating the city, chewing away at its delicate coolness like locusts. This may be true, or this may be a false construction, but it’s time we put our grievances aside ... So, hipsters: go ahead and crowd the city in your cute outfits and messy hair. Just smile more often, and maybe stop wearing those deep V-neck tees. They’re gross." Amen. [via NYT]"

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Tyrell said...

How come no one comments on your blog? And why don't you mention Street Fighter. John McClane is good, but new Bond is way better.