Thursday, April 23, 2009

cultural commentary

(from NYMag Vulture, 3/2/09, "Vicious Nacho Cheese Turf War Breaks Out at ShoWest"):

"Up until this point, there has been one dominant player in the lucrative nacho cheese sector of the concession industry: San Antonio's Rico's Nacho Cheese Sauce company. Rico's is the O.G. of the chip-n-cheese biz, having invented the entire concept of nachos as a concession food (!) way back in 1977. However, an upstart company out of Cincinnati called FUNacho has taken the convention by storm, threatening Rico's dominance of the chip-and-cheese market with their amazing, two-sentence tagline "Tastes Great! Hot or Cold!" And while we're not sure that anyone with an IQ over 80 would ever eat nacho cheese cold, we'll admit that their recession-friendly sales pitch ("We believe that low cost doesn’t have to be low end") is quite stirring."

Also, nachos.

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