Friday, April 24, 2009

guess the show

An entitled, over-indulged teen too young to drive rants and raves for a half hour (or 20-ish minutes, with frequent commercial interruptions by Noxema) about her extremely important requirements in the automobile she can't legally drive yet, the dresses her friends are and aren't allowed to wear, the decor in whatever tacky and overpriced venue she's convinced her parents to rent for her, and the over-the-top and ridiculous "theme" of the event, despite the fact that in the real world no one that age still has theme parties (in the real world, that shit doesn't start back up until college), while her parents--who presumably caused her to become this hellion--pretend to be frustrated while also caving in to her every ever-more-insane whim.


Anonymous said...

My SUPER SWEET Sixteen!!!!

lbn said...

damnit someone beat me to it