Saturday, May 30, 2009

things I care about more than what you're saying V

Your boyfriend's circumcision status, any other details of his or any other dude's genitalia, anyone's child's digestive tendencies, your facebooks stats (number of photos you're in, number of friends you have, etc), what brand of nail polish you buy, how amazing you are at applying mascara/eyeliner, how you and your friend once wore matching outfits and it was SO funny ha ha (read: Brunhilda's whole life), that lady who invented Spanx, official shades of blonde, that crazy drink you made up but can't exactly remember, your attempts to remember said drink, "musculature," diet versions of delicious things that probably were better left alone, how well you did on midterms, your percent grade in a class, how to raise pet rats, how google really works, the safe nalgenes vs. the non-safe ones, anything about binary notation except that one joke I like, why you're so into Macs, business, beeswax, the secret life of bees.

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