Friday, May 15, 2009

things I care about more

The exciting plot twist in your favorite TV show, any dramatic re-telling of a story involving lots of people I don't know and a situation I find stupid, calories in gum, ways to tan leather, how homeostasis is maintained in the body, how kumquats got their name, banking, accounting classes, swine flu, that anecdote I already read on your blog and your facebook and heard from your friend, species of fish in the Indian ocean, the usefulness of one brand of pocketknife over another, llama breeding, advances in envelope technology, how you lost your virginity, faux-clever one-liners stolen from Bravo, faux-clever one-liners you've been repeating all week, shapes that Post-Its come in, uhm... the ingredients of anything I eat, the nuances of Plato's Republic and its effects on Communist/Socialist theory, Make Me a Supermodel, all the plans and ideas you'll never follow through on, Steve Nash unless he's losing, styles of pinstripes, flavors of condoms (though Brunhilda would argue that if one of those flavors were wine, you would probably care), metalsmithing!

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