Tuesday, March 31, 2009

signs of cultural implosion VI

That people actually road trip to Forks, that there isn't a Burgerville near Seattle, that Cat Cora continues to be an Iron Chef, Katy Parry's career, that an Irish-ish bar was not packed on St. Paddy's Day, Ann Coulter, the fact that George Takei is in a movie called "Ninja Cheerleaders" which takes place at Strip Palace, that pants that are uncomfortably tight are a "trend," shirtordresses, sweaterdresses, Starbucks instant coffee, that some DQs don't serve chicken strips and gravy, that anyone goes to DQ not intending to purchase a Blizzard, that DQ couldn't sell Blizzards made with frozen yogurt in a country with an obesity rate like ours, the fact that there aren't any non-organic bananas at QFC, that flirting with a waiter and having a lot of cleavage sometimes doesn't get you free drinks (Brunhilda's note: stfu), the new Facebook layout, that we need a website called tightsarenotpants.com because some people evidently don't know that yet, the fact that "Merlin and the War of the Dragons" is a movie, the fact that KMPS is the number-one radio station in Seattle, the fact that I--Brunhilda--am ahead of the curve pop-music wise, that whole shows exist about hairstyling.

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