Tuesday, March 24, 2009

top 5 tuesday

Seattle radio stations

5. 93.3 (because the on-air personalities are way less annoying than some alternatives)
4. 94.5 (for playing popular music minus the commercials)
3. 90.9 (for having a way better mix than most)
2. 89.5 (for having new stuff before anyone else and having good online listening options)
1. 95.7 KJR (for consistent goodness and a high ratio of Heart to other stuff)

Honorable mentions go to 92.5 because I know a kid who works there, 104.5 for sometimes playing actual oldies, 97.7 for playing good classic rock, and 96.5 except for its obnoxious promos.


Maureen said...

I find 93.3 extremely obnoxious, especially their djs.

Kirsten said...

5. 710 KIRO (If my wardrobe's still a question when "The Crude Reality" oil price segment comes on at 7:25, I'm going to be late for the carpool.)
4. 92.5 (Sometimes "Too Close" by NEXT is necessary.)
3. 106.1 KISS (I never said I had musical standards/Beyonce is catchy.)
2. 100.7 (The DJs are discriminatory & self-absorbed, and super campy, but so are KMPS's and 100.7 has better music.)
1. 95.7 KJR(Even though I hate Barracuda & they don't tell you if the sky is falling, they win for playing music in the am and for healthy doses of Hall & Oates.)

Brunhilda said...

@Maureen-but have you tried to listen to the morning shows on 106.1 or 92.5? Horrible! Neither funny nor diverting.

Also, I just read that 94.1 KMPS is the number one radio station in Seattle, followed by 93.3.

Maureen said...

I listened to 106.1 every morning on my way to school and then again on my way to HCC, so yes I do know what their morning show sounds like. At least it didn't consist of seeing what body part the Sea-gals would flash the host today, or what tattoo a random guest would reveal.