Monday, October 19, 2009

signs of cultural implosion IX

People not knowing about how amazing Ratatat is, the posters and protesters carrying signs of President Obama with a Hitler mustache, trendy hipster names for children (evidently Hazel is one), that hipster is no longer counter culture or in any way hip, this tee shirt, math, boys wearing tight pants but also sagging them, people not enjoying scones of any sort or jam of any sort, Fox News, how similar Disney radio and the Top 40 station are these days, the percentage of people who came to Bumbershoot just to hear the Black Eyed Peas, photo collages not sticking to the goddamn wall even though you put a bunch of adhesives on the back and stuck it up where it should have stayed, bikini baristas, Jay Leno at 10 PM every night, beer with lime and salt already added, light beer with lime and salt already added, the euphemism "irregular" for digestive issues in yogurt commercials, "smizing."

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