Friday, October 16, 2009

things I care about more than what you're saying VII

The anachronisms in tween historical romance novels, the entire collected work of Kenneth Burke, the shades of white that our mother is painting the interior house, what Jacques Derrida would have said about MySpace, the pros and cons of different pancakes mixes (I do almost actually care about this), headband styles, math, the play by play of your Farmville adventure, paint drying, darning socks, the etymology of the names of French towns, what drunk people do when they're sober, cute guys before they were cute or after they become un-cute, legging fashion, Six Degrees of Twilight, how you got that gnarly scar on your arm, any and all funny texts you receive, the best way to apply postage stamps, the energy consumption of light bulbs, how you came up with your "awesome" slash fanfiction mashup of Twilight and Harry Potter and where you're going to take the next installment, what you and your mom do in order to bond, burps and/or farts, inorganic chemical compounds.

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