Thursday, August 6, 2009

how we do

the Cute One:
talk to me about which I find cooler gyrados or dragonite
then I'll be more interesting

11:27pm Brunhilda:
I'm not into Pokemon

11:27pm tCO:
the answer is gyrados except it's a pain in the ass to get/train since it only knows splash at first
and dragonite looks like something from a fairy's day dream

11:28pm Brunhilda
god that stupid splash
who ever thought that was cool?

11:28pm tCO:
it was never cool but gyrados' unevolved form (magikarp) could only ever do splash
which made it a pain to level up
since splash does, like, 10 hit points a turn

11:29pm Brunhilda:
stupid pointless splash
what a waste

11:29pm tCO:

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