Friday, August 14, 2009

things that should be illegal

Someone too large to fit in their single airplane seats getting actively angry at their seatmate for taking up his/her single assigned seat, into which he/she was hoping to comfortably spill.


Andy said...

I find that to be very rude, my mother is quite large and had to by two plane seats because they told her she was to big to fit in a single seat

your a jerk

Tyrell said...

At first I thought it was funny, but then this guy above made me realize how rude it was. You really have to consider that anyone can read your blog. How are you going to run for president now???

Brunhilda said...

I don't mind if someone buys two seats, obvs. It's when someone gets mad at me for sitting in MY seat that I get mad. Obvs.

Iean said...

@Andy: She meant someone who purchased a single seat. Besides, it's a blog. She's allowed to express her opinion.
@Tyrell: Her Blog, her opinion!
@Andy again: if you're going to troll, learn to use the proper form of you're!

Tyrell said...

Iean are you in charge of defending the internet from people on the internet? Thanks for letting me know people are allowed to express their opinions online... nerd. If you even read my post you would know it was a joke.... nerd.