Sunday, August 16, 2009

how we do

the Cute One:
or you could ask me if I prefer Tommy or Brad as the leader of the Power Rangers
Tommy is the answer
even though he is the green/white ranger
and whatshisface is the red
I still like Tommy better

11:30pm Brunhilda:

11:31pm the CO:
Tommy is super zen and highly badass
he wins the martial arts competitions, the sky-diving competition and he kisses Kimberly, the hot and useless Pink ranger
his Zord is a fucking godzilla
who can dislike him?


Jenny said...

you guys are DUMB

seriously this was the dumbest post i have ever read

why would you even be watching the old power rangers or for that fact even talk about it (its like 12 years old)

y'all are crazy n boring

Anonymous said... guys sure are getting a lot of haters...

The Cute One said...

the power rangers rock and always will

don't be a negative nancy about an awesome show

Iean said...

@Jenny: It's their blog. They can express whatever they want in it. Amusing conversations about Power Rangers are fair game, because it's THEIR fucking blog, not yours. Go bitch on your on, that's what blog's are made for, YOUR opinions. Also, if this blog is boring, then I find it humorous that you took the time to both read AND comment on it. Jus' saying.
I appreciate Power Rangers. They are ridiculous and hilarious.