Wednesday, August 12, 2009

signs of cultural implosion VIII

The comment "that's a pretty good movie!" w/r/t Amanda Bynes' "She's the Man", the popularity of the song Boom Boom Pow, tourism commercials for the "city" of Enumclaw, the careers of any and all Baldwins not Alec, a second season of "Real Chance at Love," casinos being marketed as opportunities for financial and relationship success, WWE, an outlet mall without a J. Crew, people not enjoying Guess Who, the lack of belugas at our local zoo, encountering shitty croissants, that 30 Rock is not the most popular show on television, how gross Runts candy are, people not enjoying Arrested Development, the apparent lack of good burritos in parts of the US, the attitudes espoused by the kids on NYC Prep, Hot Topic, magical realism, people not wanting to go to a baseball game where cheap seats are only 8 dollars, the lack of James Roday in my life, nose and boob jobs given as high school graduation gifts, Casey Novak, that the Cute One and I know more about the characters on SVU than about most of our friends and family members.


Rachel said...

Magical realism? Hahahahaha!

Brunhilda said...

I was hoping someone would find that funny.

Anonymous said...

real chance of love is an amazing show, reality t.v is amazing and you are a hater of good things
plus you hate the song bomb bomb pow

so you are soooo 3000 and late

The Cute One said...

Special bonus sign of cultural implosion:
anyone, seriously or in jest, defending the show A Real Chance At Love